Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Connect IQ and Drupal - building a smartwatch frontend
03-08, 14:10–15:00 (Europe/Zurich), Pischa

Smart watches are great for tracking activities and providing quick information to the user. In my presentation I will introduce Garmin's Connect IQ platform and show how to create a simple smart watch application that uses Drupal as its back end.

Connect IQ is Garmin's open platform for building applications for their devices. These include smart watches, bicycle computers and GPS handhelds.

There are many ways these devices could be used in collecting and providing information such as building a dedicated app for a sport event, gamifying and encouraging children's activities or providing small bits of information that can be accessed quickly such as server loads, electricity prices or notifications of different events.

The CIQ platform makes it relatively simple to create applications that are able to use the device sensors and interact with the outside world using the device's internet connection. In my presentation I will explain the basics of the CIQ platform, the language it uses (Monkey C) and take the audience through the process of writing a small application that communicates with Drupal.

Mikko loves dogs, technology and agile development. He has a tech background, but has worked the past ten years in business development educating customers about the possibilities of technology. He is currently the CEO of a Finnish Drupal company Druid ltd and tries his best to be an active member in the Drupal community.

He spends his free time with his family and dogs doing outdoorsy stuff, doing small software development projects and studying.

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