Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Learning AWS with Fun: Introducing AWS BuilderCards
03-07, 15:20–17:10 (Europe/Zurich), Parsenn

Discover AWS BuilderCards, an engaging card game designed to educate about AWS services in a fun, interactive way. Suitable for all ages and knowledge levels, this session will introduce participants to core AWS services through gameplay, providing a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

Join our interactive session on AWS BuilderCards, an innovative card game that makes learning AWS services both fun and accessible. This session is perfect for anyone curious about AWS, regardless of their prior knowledge. Participants will engage in gameplay, learning about different AWS services and how they work together to build well-architected workloads. The session will include an overview of the game mechanics, hands-on play, and discussions on how each card relates to AWS services, offering a unique approach to understanding cloud technology. Ideal for anyone looking to learn AWS in a relaxed, game-based setting.

With over 15 years of experience in application development, operation, team leadership I currently thrive in my role as a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS, my passion lies in exploring more efficient ways to solve business problems in pragmatic ways. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects, from community websites to large-scale and complex media websites. My experience includes successfully migrating existing projects to Drupal, as well as creating and scaling new projects from the ground up to accommodate millions of visitors.