Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Information Modelling and Governance
03-09, 13:00–13:50 (Europe/Zurich), Jakobshorn

Do end users know what they want? Do designers and developers understand what end users said they want and what they really need?
Come and learn about the two methods Information Modelling and Exploded View. They will change the way you communicate with your customers and raise acceptance and quality of your solutions to new levels.

With Information Modelling a method is presented, allowing you to discuss and document the information requirements of the business. The model is easy enough to be understood by non IT-people. And it is technically enough to be used directly for data models.
It bridges the gap between business- and IT-know-how.

The Exploded View is a method, helping you to discuss and document all steps from users stories and -interfaces, over channels, responsibilities, processes, tools, down to the underlying data models.

Together they form an indispensable methodology for better solutions, more successful developers and happier customers.

Data- and information-modelling expert.
30+ years of experience with many aspects of data-structures and -management.