Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Entity Browser: looking beyond local media sources
03-09, 13:00–13:50 (Europe/Zurich), Pischa

Explore the versatility of Entity Browser in integrating diverse media sources: Bynder's DAM system, Pexels' stock photography, and Font Awesome's icons.

In the ever-evolving landscape of web content management, Entity Browser remains a powerful tool at our disposal, enabling seamless integration with various remote media providers.

In this session, we will showcase 3 practical examples of the versatility that Entity Browser provides in integrating diverse media sources. We will do that by looking at: Bynder, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system; Pexels, a provider of free stock photography; and Font Awesome, a popular icon toolkit.

We will provide insights into different requirements for the 3 providers, the technical nuances of the integrations, as well as demonstrate the functionality.

Drupal developer at MD Systems.