Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

TMGMT reality check and vision update
03-09, 15:05–15:55 (Europe/Zurich), Jakobshorn

An update on the development of TMGMT and learnings from a large translation project. After identifying missing pieces and experimenting with new functionality, the vision of TMGMT needs an update: With a new user centric (manager and reviewer centric) approach, we can develop a new vision for a significantly improved solution.

The initiation of the Translation Management framework was one of the monumental Swiss community moments in 2011. A new framework was collaboratively born with a full week of collaboration. And adoption grew over the years with many integrations.

Fast forward in 2024, with the new perspective from high quality machine translation and LLMs for content generation, the need for a processing and review framework remains. And a need for deeper integration in processes with a translation memory.

I will list challenges identified from managing and moderating a large real world translation project. It identifies pain points where TMGMT is far from the intended productivity. And still it seemed to be good enough for most users. Life will be so much more easy if we can change this.

With an updated vision, it's time to ignite another phase of active development.

Founder of MD Sytems and initiator of TMGMT.