Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Experimental Symfony Mailer in Core
03-09, 11:35–12:00 (Europe/Zurich), Parsenn

Drupal 10.2 added the symfony/mailer component as a composer dependency and a new experimental core mailer module is in the works. This talk will give an overview on the current state and the next steps.

Since Drupal 10.2, the symfony/mailer component is part of Drupal core. An experimental and very simple mail plugin based on Symfony mailer has been added as well. This can be used now to send simple messages via SMTP without installing a contrib module.

However, the integration is far from complete. Symfony mailer provides many more features and extension points.

This talk gives an overview of the emerging Drupal mail API and the possibilities we are striving to unlock.

See also: Related core issue #1803948: [META] Adopt the symfony mailer component

Author of some Drupal core patches and maintainer of several contrib modules.