Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Configuration validation, how we got here and what is in the future
03-08, 10:55–11:45 (Europe/Zurich), Parsenn

Configuration schema's power most of the configuration of your Drupal sites, making those validatable paves the path towards easier config forms, recipes and decoupled admin UI's. In this session I'll give a brief history of how we got here, the new things in Drupal 10.1 / 10.2 and upcoming for 10.3 and what we could do beyond.

Drupal 8 shipped with many exciting new concepts, including “configuration”, “configuration and content entities”, “validation constraints” and “API-First”.
It also allowed us to validate the configuration by putting constraints on it. Over the last year, there has been renewed interested in this area.

Leaving this session, you should have a good idea how to make sure your own config is validatable, what that means for Drupal, and hopefully you will be excited about the future.

See also: Slides (7.9 MB)

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