Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Energiesimulator - When physics and marketing meet (collide)
03-08, 16:20–17:10 (Europe/Zurich), Jakobshorn

“Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.” A. Einstein
How do we keep things as simple as possible for the end users without loosing it's subtleties when the problem is incredibly complex. In this case study, we will see how we built an energy saving simulator between the marketing, the physicist, the developer and the designer with excel, python, react and react three fiber.

It started with a simple question... can it be made ?
In this case study we will see how we went from a request from the Glas Trösch marketing team for a tool to promote the energy cost savings made by the different glasses to a complex physic simulator.
How did we tackle the different challenges: the physics (form excel to python), the interactive UI (with react and three.js), the hosting, the different expectations for two very different end users.
The goal is to showcase what can be done, the mistakes that have been made, how we overcame them and inspire other ambitious projects.

Multi-lingual Web developer and jack of all trades that likes to act as a bridge between specialties/cultures.
Currently working at interpunkt in Switzerland