Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Splash Awards Germany & Austria: What to ditch, what to change and what to continue
03-09, 13:55–14:45 (Europe/Zurich), Jakobshorn

In my session I will highlight the most common pitfalls in the organisation of the Drupal Splash Awards Germany and Austria and also what is there to learn in six years.

The Splash Awards Germany & Austria have been honouring the best Drupal projects in both countries every year since 2017 (2021 was cancelled due to the pandemic). In 6 years of organising the Splash Awards we have learned a lot about the German-speaking Drupal community, about transparency and about collaboration. In my session, I want to give an overview of the ups and downs of the Splash Awards and talk about sharing ideas that can help the community. I also want to take a look with you at what we have planned for the coming year.

Digital Marketing Manager & Musician, working with Drupal since 2020. I am part of the organisational team behind Splash Awards Germany & Austria and I have never been in Switzerland.