Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

EasySSR: The most simple way to use (p)react + Drupal for SSR, that no one talks about
03-08, 10:55–11:45 (Europe/Zurich), Jakobshorn

Decoupled applications are written quickly, but to then get SSR you need a diploma for Next.js or other frameworks. But there is a better way:

With just a normal client side (p)react application, you will learn how to EASILY add SSR: With almost no code changes needed!

This makes it easier, faster and more scalable to develop Decoupled Drupal sites, which keep the power of Drupal intact.

Decoupled done the Drupal way!

This session is for the Drupal team, which loves Drupal and wants to have the advantages of decoupled web pages, but does not want to lock-into a framework like Next.js.

Imagine that you can just develop your site locally - without any need for fancy preview tools, compile or build steps and you don't need to setup routes, but your CMS is providing the routes for you.

You keep 90% of what makes Drupal great and mostly only replace the theme layer with decoupled components.

You have a decoupled layout builder (even with Layout Builder+), you can load nodes and blocks and you configure the JSON output of these blocks via the UI.

And last, when you need SSR you do it like this:

Client -> Drupal (page cache) -> Node SSR -> Drupal (JSONAPI)

The Drupal way, including full support for cache tags, contexts, etc.

Get the best out of both worlds!

In this session you will learn:

  • How to quickly setup a decoupled site, which is integrated with Drupal
  • How to create new blocks / components, which can be used for layout builder and as decoupled blocks
  • How to add a useLoader() hook (or equivalent) to your server side loaded components
  • How to ensure a MINIMAL payload is stored for the site, so it has the data used for the SSR
  • Server: How to add a Middleware, which gets the SSR from node

And last: How to have fun with Decoupled Drupal!

Fabian is passionate about all things Drupal and High Performance. Having brought Twig into core in 2011 and helped revamp the Caching System and totally revolutionize Performance in Drupal, he is now focusing on making Decoupled Drupal as EASY AS POSSIBLE!

He also has a heart for site builders and themers and wants to EMPOWER them to CREATE A FULL DRUPAL SITE without any coding skills.