Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Running the internet, under-funded and under-staffed? How to achieve a sustainable open source ecosystem
03-08, 09:45–10:45 (Europe/Zurich), Pischa

Open Source technologies build the foundation of the free and open internet, but many are developed by only a single maintainer or a very small community.
Despite the critical role these tools play in the internet ecosystem, they are perpetually under-funded and under-supported.
The similarity to other “system relevant” professions is striking: The more we need them to keep the system running, the less we are willing to appreciate and sufficiently fund them.
My keynote will discuss these issues as well as showcase funding solutions and business models to achieve economic sustainability for Free / Open Source projects.

This year we see the 10th anniversary of the disclosure of Heartbleed, an OpenSSL bug allowing for massive exploit of that key encryption library.
At the time of disclosure, some 17% (around half a million) of the Internet's secure web servers were believed to be vulnerable to the attack.
It allowed theft of the servers' private keys and users' session cookies and passwords,
making this the “worst vulnerability found since commercial traffic began to flow on the Internet” (Wikipedia).

When Heartbleed was discovered, OpenSSL was maintained by a handful of volunteers, only one of whom worked full-time.
Yearly donations to the OpenSSL project were about $2,000$.

In my talk, I will showcase the state of a couple of key and well-known Open Source technologies, exploring their staffing and funding situation.

We will revisit the improvements that happened since Heartbleed put a spotlight on the situation, including successful funding solutions and business models, but I will also share examples of a continuation of the problem, like the Log4j exploit in 2021.

The keynote is meant as a call to action for us as individuals, as a community, as well as a society, to care for Open Source software and those who write it - as one.of the key common goods our society ‘s infrastructure is built on.

Entrepreneur, founder, visionary leader - Jutta scales organizations, drives change, nurtures culture. She is a passionate feminist, sustainability and free / Open Source software (FOSS) advocate.
After leading eyeo - best-known for their flagship product Adblock Plus - for 5 years as their COO and CTO, she now acts as interim CEO for Mailvelope, provider of an Open Source browser-based solution for user-friendly email encryption.
Before eyeo, she founded and led her own company Data in Transit, a well-established agency for Drupal-based online solutions, as CEO and Managing Director for 10 years.
Jutta is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events.