Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Building decoupled websites with Nuxt 3 using the GraphQL API of Drupal as backend system.
03-09, 13:00–13:50 (Europe/Zurich), Parsenn

Among many available frameworks, we at Liip have chosen Nuxt 3 and Vue 3 as our frontend framework.

As most of you know, Drupal has solved almost all known problems to build web-application. Multi-language, multi-domain, multi-version support are just a few things to name.

When starting headless, it is sometime hard, to close the gap that is left over when you are no longer rendering the sites with Drupal.

In this track, I will show you how we managed to fill these gaps and explain to you the related Nuxt and Drupal modules we have built in the last year to quickly start new projects.

Coming from Drupal with more than 15 years experience, it is not easy to drop all the nifty features Drupal provide when building web-application when you do a project fully decoupled.

In this talk, I will show you briefly how we solved these common tasks:
- fetching data via GraphQL over Twig Templates
- Routing with Alias / redirects
- Authentication / User Registration / Profile Management
- Language / Language Switching
- Metatag handling
- Message / Notification system
- Views support
- Menu / Breadcrumb / Localtask
- Form API

In the end I'm also open for questions on things that are missing on this list.

See also: Slides (3.5 MB)

Drupal Developer at Liip AG
On Drupal.org for 15 years 1 week
Maintaining around 25 modules

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