Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

blökkli – Interactive page building experience for Nuxt
03-08, 16:20–17:10 (Europe/Zurich), Pischa

Simple content pages or complex landing pages. Blokkli provides a solid modular framework to build your own editing experience - works with Drupal Paragraphs (and other backends).

  • blökkli allows editing content in a visual interface with tools for copying, duplicating, editing and deleting blocks.

  • It supports custom block designs with options for background color, alignment and size. The artboard tool allows precise layout.

  • Content can be searched for and placed as blocks. Multilingual support and live previews are provided.

  • Collaboration features include comments, shared block libraries, and potential integrations like ChatGPT actions.

  • Mobile editing is supported. blökkli integrates well with Nuxt and has adapters for Drupal Paragraphs.

  • The tool is aimed at simplifying page building, customization and teamwork through its visual interface and features. It has a focus on productivity and flexibility.

Jonathan is a product owner for Liip in Basel.

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