Drupal Mountain Camp 2024

Andre Baumeier

With over 15 years of experience in application development, operation, team leadership I currently thrive in my role as a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS, my passion lies in exploring more efficient ways to solve business problems in pragmatic ways. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects, from community websites to large-scale and complex media websites. My experience includes successfully migrating existing projects to Drupal, as well as creating and scaling new projects from the ground up to accommodate millions of visitors.

  • Learning AWS with Fun: Introducing AWS BuilderCards

Web developer based in Belgium

  • Configuration validation, how we got here and what is in the future
  • Drupal Local Association Updates
Dan Lemon

Full-stack developer at Amazee Labs.
Lead Organiser for Drupal Mountain Camp 2024.

  • Drupal Local Association Updates
  • Closing session
David Buchmann

David Buchmann works at Liip AG as Symfony expert. He is active in several Open Source projects, notably the FOSHttpCache library and the HTTPlug client abstraction. When he is not coding, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, music, Magic the Gathering and other games.

  • HTTP Caching with Varnish
Dominique De Cooman

Hi, I'm Dominique, Co-founder, CTO & co-CEO of Dropsolid, open source enthousiast & advocate and I help companies, organisations and governments with the realistation of digital experiences and digital projects.

I'm also a board member on the Mautic council and I've been involved in the Drupal community since 2007.

  • Bringing Mautic and Drupal closer together in an open DXP
Drupal Association Switzerland
  • Opening Session
  • BOF Placeholder
  • BOF placeholder
Fabian Franz

Fabian is passionate about all things Drupal and High Performance. Having brought Twig into core in 2011 and helped revamp the Caching System and totally revolutionize Performance in Drupal, he is now focusing on making Decoupled Drupal as EASY AS POSSIBLE!

He also has a heart for site builders and themers and wants to EMPOWER them to CREATE A FULL DRUPAL SITE without any coding skills.

  • EasySSR: The most simple way to use (p)react + Drupal for SSR, that no one talks about
Guzman Bellon

Multi-lingual Web developer and jack of all trades that likes to act as a bridge between specialties/cultures.
Currently working at interpunkt in Switzerland

  • Energiesimulator - When physics and marketing meet (collide)
Iain Potter

With 25 years of experience in the software development industry, Iain has been working with Drupal for over 14 years across a diverse range of projects and covering various sectors. His journey in the field has seen him evolve from a hands-on software engineer to a strategic leader and consultant, steering teams of all sizes towards successful delivery.

For the last 4 years he has worked at Acquia, recently moving from a Senior Technical Architect role into a Senior Technical Account Manager role.

  • DevOps as your new MarTech Super Power
Ivica Puljic

As a seasoned Drupal developer, I dabble in both frontend and backend wonders. Juggling contributions and maintenance for various Drupal modules keeps me on my toes. Beyond Drupal, I'm captivated by all things web development, especially in the realms of component-oriented design and crafting user-friendly websites. You might catch me exploring UI/UX trends. And hey, I've got a soft spot for the intriguing world of machine learning—always interested, always learning. Alongside the tech adventures, I navigate project and team management waters and harbor a side interest in product and business development.

  • Unlocking Advanced Drupal Content Creation with Paragraphs
Janez Urevc

Janez Urevc, Strategic Growth and Innovation Manager at Tag1 Consulting, has 15+ years of experience building enterprise software projects and leading teams of engineers.

In the past he used to be a part of the team that was building the largest Drupal website at the time, Examiner.com. He also used to lead the Drupal 8 Media initiative, that brought rich media management into Drupal Core.

  • Revolutionizing Drupal with Automated Performance Testing: A Deep Dive into Gander, the New Framework
Jan Hug
  • Building decoupled websites with Nuxt 3 using the GraphQL API of Drupal as backend system.
  • blökkli – Interactive page building experience for Nuxt
Jonathan Noack

Jonathan is a product owner for Liip in Basel.

  • Drupal for End Users
  • blökkli – Interactive page building experience for Nuxt
Jon Minder

Drupal Developer at Liip AG
On Drupal.org for 15 years 1 week
Maintaining around 25 modules

  • A Modern GraphQL Environment for Drupal
  • Building decoupled websites with Nuxt 3 using the GraphQL API of Drupal as backend system.
Jordana Fung

Jordana is a longtime Open Source contributor, Drupal community member & mentor, developer, and current chair of the Drupal Community Working Group.
Within the Drupal Community Working Group, she works in both the Community Health team, as well as the Conflict Resolution team to help foster a welcoming, healthy, and inclusive community.
She is passionate about community health, communication, Open Source, and helping people do and be well.

  • The Issue queue: etiquette, best practices, and improving the contributor and maintainer experience
Josef Kruckenberg

Josef Kruckenberg is an interdisciplinary team player at the intersection of technology, user experience and business. With technical experience, analytical skills and empathy, Josef helps teams to remove impediments and continue their journey to understand and create business value. Josef strives for diversity & inclusion and sustainable, open source solutions.

  • Drupal for End Users
  • Drupal Local Association Updates
Jutta Horstmann

Entrepreneur, founder, visionary leader - Jutta scales organizations, drives change, nurtures culture. She is a passionate feminist, sustainability and free / Open Source software (FOSS) advocate.
After leading eyeo - best-known for their flagship product Adblock Plus - for 5 years as their COO and CTO, she now acts as interim CEO for Mailvelope, provider of an Open Source browser-based solution for user-friendly email encryption.
Before eyeo, she founded and led her own company Data in Transit, a well-established agency for Drupal-based online solutions, as CEO and Managing Director for 10 years.
Jutta is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events.

  • Running the internet, under-funded and under-staffed? How to achieve a sustainable open source ecosystem
Lorenz Schori

Author of some Drupal core patches and maintainer of several contrib modules.

  • Experimental Symfony Mailer in Core
Lukas Fischer

Lukas Fischer is an entrepreneur with a profound 20-year journey in the digital domain, where he has excelled as a digital consultant, strategist, and software developer. As the visionary founder of NETNODE AG and NodeHive Headless CMS, Lukas has demonstrated a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic foresight. His role extends beyond entrepreneurship as he actively contributes as a board member in various initiatives, reflecting his commitment to industry leadership and community engagement. Driven by a vision for a regenerative, open, and interconnected world, Lukas continually seeks to harness the power of technology to foster sustainable and collaborative solutions. His passion for digital evolution and his dedication to impactful initiatives mark him as a distinguished figure in the technology sector.

  • The future of Drupal is headless
Marine Gandy

Marine discovered Drupal in her first job as a PHP developer and fell in love with both the tool and its community! She is the current president of the French Drupal Association and a DevRel Engineer at Platform.sh

  • Drupal Security 101
  • Drupal Local Association Updates
Mathilde Deutschmann

Mathilde discovered the Drupal world 4 years ago.
After completing her PhD in computational biology in France, Mathilde moved to Switzerland for a postdoc before starting to work with MD Systems.
She uses the strengths she acquired during her scientific career to develop high quality back-end systems and data analysis tools.

  • Supported tagging of articles using AI
Mikko Hämäläinen

Mikko loves dogs, technology and agile development. He has a tech background, but has worked the past ten years in business development educating customers about the possibilities of technology. He is currently the CEO of a Finnish Drupal company Druid ltd and tries his best to be an active member in the Drupal community.

He spends his free time with his family and dogs doing outdoorsy stuff, doing small software development projects and studying.

  • Progressive Web Apps - what are they and should you be selling them?
  • Connect IQ and Drupal - building a smartwatch frontend
Miro Dietiker

Founder of MD Sytems and initiator of TMGMT.

  • TMGMT reality check and vision update
Nicolas Loye

Nicolas Loye (CTO Smile)
Nicolas is the French Drupal Association treasurer. He has joined the community in 2006 and is a Drupal enthusiast since then. When he is not coding he likes any kind of game (board, card, tabletop roleplaying, etc) and spending some time with his cat.

  • Drupal Security 101
Niklas Franke

Digital Marketing Manager & Musician, working with Drupal since 2020. I am part of the organisational team behind Splash Awards Germany & Austria and I have never been in Switzerland.

  • Splash Awards Germany & Austria: What to ditch, what to change and what to continue
Omar Mohamad - El Hassan Lopesino

Drupal developer specialized in backend at Metadrop

  • Strategies for Successful Bug Hunting in Drupal Projects
Preston So

Preston So (he/they) is a senior product, developer relations, and engineering leader with 20 years in software and 8 years of experience leading product, design, developer relations, and engineering functions at organizations like Oracle, Acquia, Time Inc., and Gatsby. He is the author of Immersive Content and Usability (A Book Apart, 2023), Gatsby: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly, 2021), Voice Content and Usability (A Book Apart, 2021), and Decoupled Drupal in Practice (Apress, 2018).

  • Universal CMS and the end of "pure" headless
Primoz Hmeljak

Drupal developer at MD Systems.

  • Entity Browser: looking beyond local media sources
Sascha Grossenbacher

Co-maintainer of the Drupal entity system and many contributed modules like token, paragraphs, pathauto and many more.

  • Drupal.org workflows for maintainers and contributors
Stefan Berner

Data- and information-modelling expert.
30+ years of experience with many aspects of data-structures and -management.

  • Information Modelling and Governance
Tearyne Almendariz

Tearyne D. Almendariz's passion for all things Japan and Sailor Moon led her to become a front-end developer with a focus on accessibility and usability. She has designed, prototyped, and coded user interfaces and worked on teams small and large. One time she even converted Coldfusion sites to React Apps -- and lived to tell the tale.

Tearyne is an avid volunteer in the DFW Tech and Engineering scene, having served for nearly four years with Black Girls Code as a Tech Assistant and as a CORE Team Lead of the Dallas CORE team. She is the owner of NLBC Works, Inc. and is also currently employed as a Customer Success Engineer at GitLab.

  • Magic Comes from Pain: 4 Ways that Embracing Grit Will Help you Achieve the Impossible
Vincenzo Gambino

I am a Senior PHP and Javascript Software Developer from London, UK, with experience building Web Applications for medium and big-sized businesses. I have spoken at several DrupalCamps and co-authored the book Jumpstart Jamstack Development.
- Co-Speaker at DrupalCamp London 2016: Using SAML as a single sign-on for Drupal
- Speaker at DrupalCamp London 2017: Drupal server configuration with Ansible and Drupal VM
- DrupalCampPoland 2018: Interact with Drupal via voice commands
- Drupal Mountain Camp Switzerland 2022: Decoupled Drupal with ReactJS and Alexa
- Drupaljam 2023: Drupal and OpenAI for Content Editors (Video and Slides to be released)
- Drupal London Meetup June 2023: ​​Speaker
- Drupal Dev Days Vienna 2023: Build a fully decoupled application with Drupal and NextJS

  • ChatGPT for Drupal content editors

Creator of momentum, passionate about the Digital Enterprise, technology and sports.
Active in web since frame based web design.

Check my speaker history: https://sessionize.com/wouters_f/

  • WORKSHOP: Ask your Drupal site questions and get proper answers.